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R.C. Diocese of East Anglia: A Registered Charity (Number: 278742)

Saint Mark

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St Mark’s Catholic Parish 100 Club

The ‘St Mark’s Parish 100 Club was formed in 2014 to raise funds for the parish.

Membership costs £24 per year per number.

There are 36 chances of each number winning a prize each year.

Draw takes place each month and the latest draw results can be downloaded below.

Hospital Chaplain

Ipswich Hospital: Ipswich Hospital Catholic Chaplaincy will now be covered by Fr. Bineesh Elanjikkal, assisted by Deacon Clive Brooks. Please be aware that for reasons of patient confidentiality, the current practice in the NHS is NOT to inform the chaplains of any Catholics that are admitted to hospital. So, unless you or your relatives inform the chaplains of your hospital stay yourselves, you will not be visited by a priest or any other member of the chaplaincy team.
Fr. Paul and Fr Bineesh can be contacted on 01473 684963

Please check with the Ward Clerk that the patient is registered as a Catholic and that the patient has ticked the box giving their permission for a priest or a member of the Chaplaincy team to visit.

Please let Fr Paul know of anyone who is ill at home or homebound, so that they can receive appropriate pastoral care.

About Us

St Mark’s Catholic Parish is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia.

St Mark’s Church in Hawthorn Drive was opened on 30th May 1959.

The Catholic Church of the Holy Family in the village of Brantham is served from St Mark’s.

The Parish Priest is Fr Paul Vincent OCD

Deacon: Rev Clive Brooks (Rtd)

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